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Our newest wellness offering at The Studio, yoga is the connection of mind, body and spirit through breathing techniques, physical movement (asana) and meditation. Through this mindful and invigorating practice, we are able to establish sustainable balance in the mind and body, and facilitate a deeper awareness and connection with the Self and others.



For those looking to achieve transformative results, facilitate mental and physical alignment and balance, and strengthen their meditative movement, Signature Flow is a personalized vinyasa-style class tailored to all levels.

60 minute class, with 8 practitioners maximum.

Complimentary mat, towels, and water provided.

$30 / single class

$120 / 5 class package (at 20% off)

$225/ 10 class package (at 25% off)

*3-month minimum commitment. Packages renew monthly.



For those looking to achieve optimal results, our Signature Flow Private provides a truly personalized approach to deepen your wellness practice, creating the space for true self-love and powerful mind/body connection.

60 minute private session.

Complimentary mat, towels, and water provided.

Free access to express sauna session post-practice.

$140 / single session

Series pricing available upon request.