Summer Loving: How to Achieve Your Best Summer Wellness


It’s officially summer and those cool June nights are fading as we hit that summer heat. In the summer season, we are carefree, de-stressed, and more social as we slow down, reconnect and reset. As the heat rises, we tend to crave anything cooling -- the cold water of the ocean or a pool, a chilled salad of fresh veggies, a crisp cool cocktail. Yet, at this time of year, our bodies need help even more in their healing and detoxification processes. While we enjoy ourselves by spending more time outdoors and in pools, lathering on SPF, and going for that scoop of ice cream after dinner, we are exposed to an increased toxic load that hinders our biological systems - think chlorine agents, chemical-rich sunscreens, added sugars - the list goes on.

Despite the intensely healing effects that summer’s carefree relaxation has on the heart and head, our bodies need a boost to maintain a healthful balance as we slow down and enjoy longer days with shortened schedules.

Here are the most significant effects infrared therapy has on the body during the summer season, and why we need to do it.


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Summertime, the living is easy and the rosé is flowing! Infrared therapy gives your liver a helping hand managing the extra sugar and alcohol. How you ask? The sweat induced through the high and low level infrared rays enabled the inner and outer layers of our skin and underlying tissues to process out everything from heavy metals to cholesterol, in a highly efficient yet gentle manner. This particular sweat creates a significantly deeper level of healing and detoxing than the regular perspiration of a long walk or run outside. And it’s proven. Many of our weekend morning clients tell us about miraculous and immediate hangover cures from their sauna experiences!


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The high temperatures in a sauna cause your heart rate to increase in a way that is similar to cardio exercise.  Sitting in an infrared sauna can burn upwards of 600 calories in one sitting. In addition, the high heat helps to break up surface level fat resulting in reduced cellulite patterns. As long as you stay hydrated before and after your session, you will be noticeably less bloated, more defined, with increasingly smooth and even skin. It is one weight management tool that can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle plan. 


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Aside from giving the skin a healthy glow from the increased circulation alone, using an infrared sauna can improve overall skin health and appearance both short and long term. By generating a deep level of sweat, an increased amount of collagen and elastin are produced in the underlaying layers of the dermis, smoothing skin texture, and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. At the surface level, congested summer pores are alleviated as bacteria is literally ‘flushed out,’ reducing breakouts and skin irritations. The most reported skin benefits include a deep glow, enhanced skin texture, minimized breakouts, and significant improvement in skin tone and color.


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With increased social activity and late nights out, our immune system can suffer in the summer. But infrared therapy can fix it. Time spent in the infrared sauna helps increase the production of white blood cells. White blood cells help your immune system fight off illness. Certain bacteria and viruses die off when our body temperature rises to a temperature above 98.6 which, generally speaking, is the function of fevers as well. Since the sauna heats your core body temperature, you can bid farewell to your congestion from that lingering summer cold and prevent any illnesses that are laying dormant. Because who wants to be sick in the summer?!


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One of the most popular uses of our saunas is for pain management and injury recovery. The high heat of an infrared sauna causes blood vessels to dilate, which improves circulation. If you are in pain from an injury, a disease, or just an intense workout, the sauna promotes the production and movement of fresh, oxygenated blood through the entire body, as well as encourages the release of endorphins, producing a mild tranquilizing effect that is scientifically proven to minimize pain and soreness. 

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The summer is a time to slow down, reset, and reconnect. To balance the dearly loved, carefree nature of the season, it is important now more than ever to support your body in its healing and detoxification processes - enabling rejuvenation and wellness throughout the mind and body.

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