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A Place for Wellness

At The Studio, we hold space for intimate workshop experiences centered on wellness, spirituality, and healing.

In partnership with trusted wellness experts, thought leaders, and healing specialists, each event brings insight, knowledge, and authentic connection as we experience personal growth and transformation.

With a carefully curated roster of event topics and discussions, each gathering is specifically designed to engage each guest at a deep level. Through the power of shared experience, we create a safe space for self-discovery, connection, and healing.

Now available to rent The Studio, partner with our team, and create your own customized, curated wellness experience.


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Wellness Lunches


We host casual and informal wellness-focused lunches at The Studio. Bringing added insight and guidance, we feature guest experts in the field of wellness for an open, unstructured, free-flowing discussion.

With flexible hours to swing by and a come-as-you-are vibe, our community lunches are a needed and necessary way to take time to nourish the mind and body by having a healthy bite to eat and connecting with others. We proudly feature delicious and nourishing gourmet health food from local purveyors including Maikana, Four Forks, and Roost.

Lunch, water and tea will be served.

$16 Attendance per person. Children join and eat for free.

Open hours 12-2PM. RSVP is required 24 hours in advance.


Wellness Workshops


From learning the power of breath to maintaining sense of self during a time of life-changing transformation, our workshops will provide you with the tools, strategies, and support necessary to achieving balanced wellness.

Each workshop is carefully curated to provide the insight, knowledge, and expertise of a variety of wellness experts, healers, and specialists. Covering a range of physiological, emotional, and spiritual topics, each workshop is specifically designed to deeply engage each guest and help them on their journey of self discovery, deepen our innate wisdom, and find lasting clarity and balance.

Workshops include tea, coffee, and lunch.

$44 Attendance per person.

Events times vary. RSVP required.