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I came to Inner Light when I was having some issues with my digestion, and I wanted to detox. I also felt that the chromotherapy would be helpful for me as I work with the chakras often and understand how the color therapy works. When I went in for my first session, I set the color to red and did my first 55 min session. The next day my digestion was so much better and I was 90% back to normal. So naturally I signed up for a week long trial and loved it even more!! When I go in to the sauna, I always have a goal in mind and choose the colors to support that goal. And then I meditate and relax and every single time, I feel amazing when I am complete. The multi-level infrared is also the best in my opinion and I love being able come here to get my dose of light and heat.
— Katie Kozlowski, Energy Healer
I have found Inner Light to be a great place to meditate; there is something about the heat, that for me enhances the meditative experience. Other benefits that I have experienced are, great looking skin; a great warm-up for my workout; a terrific post workout form of relaxation; and an overall feeling of purging my body. I like that the surrounding environment is both inviting, quiet and peaceful; and the staff are all very pleasant! I certainly recommend Inner Light as a great addition to anyone’s wellness plan.
— Michael Engelhart
Inner Light has been amazing for me. At first, I was skeptical of the benefits of the infrared sauna, but after such positive reviews from both friends and family, I decided to try Inner Light and I am so happy I did. The calm and relaxing environment of Inner Light provides the perfect place to de-stress. The calming lights, ability to listen to music or a podcast, and the warm air of the sauna relaxes both your muscles and your mind. The ability to remove harmful toxins from your body while being in a relaxing and stress-free environment is something unique to Inner Light. After each visit to the sauna, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed for the day. I often suffer from headaches and migraines, and I believe that the infrared sauna has helped make my headaches both less frequent and less painful. I look forward to my continued visits to Inner Light and I am a firm believer in the power of the infrared sauna!
— Henry Seth
I did the Intro package during a period where I felt particularly rundown and exhausted. I wasn’t eating well or exercising because I was so tired; the only way to describe how I felt is just plain “blah”. Doing the sauna for a couple days made such a difference! It was so relaxing to sit in the heat and I got a great sweat in, which not only gave my skin an incredible glow, but also reminded me of how great I feel after a good workout! The heat also really soothed tight muscles and helped alleviate my back pain. It was the exact boost I needed to get me back on the healthy bandwagon. I loved the Inner Light experience specifically because the space is beautifully designed and and has a wonderful calm energy. It’s easy to book appointments, the staff is lovely and, compared to other saunas, it’s well priced - especially the Intro packages. Highly recommend!
— Brittany McLaren
I have been a client at Inner Light for a year, and absolutely love it there. The infrared sauna feels so incredible, I was shocked how much I sweat out and how good I feel afterwards. I always feel like I’m walking on air after a session. I also take advantage of the color therapy that they have inside each sauna. I have had cancer twice, so taking care of my health is very important to me. I feel like the infrared sauna helps me both physically and emotionally to be grounded, relieve stress and release toxins from my body. The studio is very calming, clean and has a variety of inspiring products to shop.
— Pamela Deming
I began using the infrared sauna at inner light about 10 months after a terrible car accident which left me with a diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome. Medications and a variety of therapies were tried to alleviate my symptoms. All the doctors would say is that it takes time to recover and one of the biggest things I can do for myself is to avoid stress and sleep well. I have to say the express infrared sessions for me have become my “me” time where I can relax, become grounded, and even the light therapy has helped with my mood. I truly believe it is helping with my healing and sleep. One of my symptoms is dizziness and unable to work out like I use to but the sessions gets my heart bumping like I use to feel when I would engage in any psychical activity. Besides the physical benefits, I highly suggest using the infrared sauna as part of a routine for self-care to relax, help with seasonal affective disorder, or just have the opportunity to practice mindfulness with all the craziness in our daily schedules.
— Colleen Ryan