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Our Story

Inner Light is a new concept designed to provide you with holistic and authentic wellness.

By integrating ancient wisdom with modern science, we help you access your innate healing potential, explore the relationship between mind and body, and ultimately, deepen your connection with yourself and others.

It is our mission to provide you with the tools, methods and support strategies to heal deeply from within. At the heart of our mission is the practice of taking time and space to tend to our needs in order to rest, energize, and connect to the Self. 

It started with a vision.

Amidst the high speed stress of today’s high-tech, success-driven, over-stimulating modern world, we saw a need. We recognized a need for slowing down, for introspection, and for support in our own healing.

Above all, we recognized a need for connection, and a need for a safe space to identify and develop our innate truth and connect with the Self.

Inner Light is this space. And we can’t wait to share our light with you.


Meet The Owner

inner light owner nancy joyce

As a wellness entrepreneur and certified yoga instructor, our owner Nancy brings a new perspective and new offerings to Inner Light.

Originally from Darien, CT, Nancy is seasoned in the corporate and wellness worlds. With prior experience working in Operations for Christie’s Art Auction House, Nancy has spent the last two years teaching at Y7 Yoga Studio in NYC, and working as the Operations Manager for hOM, a real estate technology start-up bringing yoga, fitness and events into residential and commercial buildings throughout the borough’s. 

The practice of yoga and mindful, holistic wellness has always been a part of Nancy’s personal and professional life. She became interested in the practice and philosophy while living and working in San Diego, where the yoga community was vibrant. Going to yoga classes originally for the physical challenge, she quickly noticed how it challenged her mind at a deeper level.

Yoga - and it’s philosophy - helped to transform her mindset, emotionally and spiritually, resulting in an increased sense of calm, grounding, resilience, and steadiness. Most significantly, it facilitated and nurtured her own inner peace and balance.

Knowing that she wanted to share the practice, philosophy, and holistic approach to wellness with others, Nancy completed Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training through Core Power Yoga in San Diego, as well as the Mitchel & Tracy Bleiers 200hr Training. Most recently, she has also completed specialized training with Memorial Sloane Kettering, and is specifically trained to teach the practice of yoga to those affected by cancer, be it those experiencing chemotherapy and radiation, those in remission, or family, friends, and caregivers affected by the terrible disease.

inner light owner nancy joyce

With almost 10 years experience teaching at leading yoga studios throughout New York City, Fairfield & Westchester County, Nancy has shared the art of mindful movement and meditation with yoga practitioners of all levels and brought her students real, transformative results.

Now, as the owner of Inner Light, Nancy is inspired to bring you the practice of yoga, along with a truly holistic approach to wellness. She proudly carries Inner Light’s foundational vision in being the safe space and place to access your innate healing potential, explore the relationship between mind and body, and ultimately, deepen your connection with yourself and others.

My vision for Inner Light is to be a place of connections. As human beings we crave connection. So here at IL we have the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world for a moment and connect deeper with ourselves and with each other. It’s a safe haven to come and let yourself feel what it is you need to feel, to release what it is you need to release, and you’ll realize that you’re not alone. We’re all going through this together.
— Nancy Joyce, Inner Light Owner & Certified Yoga Teacher

Nancy is a graduate of the University of San Diego, studying art history and environmental studies. She currently lives in Darien, CT.


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