About Us

Self-care is the art of identifying and nurturing your needs, mind, body and soul.  



In our modern world, self-care has become an increasingly essential part of health and wellness.   Inner Light is a new concept designed to be a haven where you can access tools to help relax, restore and revitalize yourself on every level.  

Founder Kelly Ingraham has been deeply passionate about wellness, in all its forms, for years.  Along her personal health journey, she discovered the transformative healing powers of self-care, including infrared sauna therapy.  Born and raised in Darien, CT, Kelly founded Inner Light in an effort to offer new tools and expanded opportunities to support wellbeing throughout our community.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Inner Light combines the calming atmosphere of a luxury day spa with the technology of full-spectrum infrared sauna therapy.  Infrared saunas are a type of heat therapy that use light-generated heat to help relax and detoxify the body.  Our IR saunas utilize far-, mid-, and near-infrared light that has been scientifically proven to cause detoxification and relaxation responses and benefit a range of ailments.  

Visit Benefits to learn more about our full-spectrum infrared saunas and book a session today.

The Shop

The Shop in our Darien, CT HQ offers a curated collection of products focused on wellness and provides an element of nurture to the body or mind.  Every item you will find has been thoughtfully selected to resonate as part of our pursuit of self-care.  Our assortment has been crafted for the conscious shopper, focused on natural products that are free of toxins and sustainably crafted.

Wellness Community

Infrared sauna therapy is just one part of our mission to help you take your wellness journey to the next step. Inner Light hosts events bringing different elements of wellness to the local community on a weekly basis.  Free community yoga classes, meditation seminars, and lectures by experts in the fields of nutrition and mindfulness, are a few of the type of events are excited to offer in the coming months.  

Find out more about our upcoming events and inquire if you are interested in becoming one of our wellness speakers.