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Our story

Inner Light is a new concept designed to provide you with holistic and authentic wellness.

It is our mission to provide you with the tools, methods and support strategies to heal deeply from within. At the heart of our mission is the practice of taking time and space to tend to one’s needs in order to rest, energize, and connect to the Self. 

By integrating ancient wisdom with modern science, we help you access your innate healing potential, explore the relationship between mind and body, and ultimately, deepen your connection with yourself and others.

It started with a vision.

As a new mother of twins and a wellness entrepreneur, I had a vision to create a safe space for self-love, healing, and connection. Because that was what I needed as I navigated my own journey of self-discovery.

In January 2017, life was happening fast. I had just set out to launch my new wellness business when I found out that I was pregnant. With twins. Over the course of mothering and nurturing three babies - two humans and one business - I innately knew that I had to help myself in managing such a dramatic transition into motherhood. Now more than ever, I had to help myself maintain balance and clarity in my life, strengthen the connection with my innate, most authentic self, and build a network of insight and support around me.

And in this pursuit, I recognized a need for support, a need for connection, and a need for a safe space to identify and develop our innate truth and connect with the Self.

Inner Light is this space. I can’t wait to share my work with you.


About Kelly

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Kelly Ingraham, Inner Light Founder & Motherhood Guide

Kelly Joyce Ingraham is a mama of twins, an angler’s wife, and a wellness entrepreneur.  She has worked with leading health and wellness experts in her own journey of self-discovery, healing, and balance and shares the knowledge and insight she has collected as a personal wellness counselor and motherhood guide.

Kelly is a trained practitioner of color therapy and is currently completing her certification as an Ayurvedic Post Partum Doula and Lactation Counselor.

Kelly will draw upon her own personal journey and her extensive studies in motherhood, wellness, self-growth and spirituality to provide soul-nurturing, perspective-changing insight while you navigate your own transformation.

Above all, she is here to remind you of your own inherent wisdom and the truth that you are the perfect mother and being, right now, exactly as you are.  



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