Single Session

Our full-spectrum infrared sauna rooms are booked for 25 and 55 minute sessions. Each room has a two-person sauna.  We recommend using the sauna for 15-20 minutes (25 min session) and 30-45 minutes (55 min session) to leave time to change clothes.  For more information, check out our FAQs.  Please inquire for veteran rates. 

Express Session: $35 for 25 min

Standard Session: $50 for 55 min

New Guest Special

Pricing available only for first-time guests 

Express Session: $25 / Standard Session: $40

New Guest Week Pass: $90 for 25 min / $125 for 55 min

Unlimited sauna sessions for one week (7 days).  Available only to first-time guests & one time use only.  Bookings based on availability.

Summer Solstice Special

Buy a 5 Pack and get 1 Free Sauna Session

Buy a 10 Pack and get 2 Free Sauna Sessions

Buy a 15 Pack and get 3 Free Sauna Sessions

*Special pricing valid thru June 26, 2018. Pricing option available under "Summer Solstice Special" packages.


5 Pack: $165 for 25 min ($33 per session) / $240 for 55 min ($48 per session)

10 Pack: $300 for 25 min ($30 per session) / $450 for 55 min ($45 per session)

15 Pack: $420 for 25 min ($28 per session) / $630 for 55 min ($42 per session)

5 Packs expire within three months of purchase, 10 Packs expire six months from purchase and 15 Packs expire one year from purchase.  



Our monthly membership includes unlimited use of our full-spectrum infrared saunas and 5% off all items in The Shop.

Express Membership: $400 a month

Unlimited monthly 25 minute sessions

Standard Membership: $600 a month

Unlimited monthly 55 minute sessions


*Memberships auto-renew on monthly basis.  3 month minimum for membership. Must cancel one week before monthly auto-renew date.   Booking based on availability.  Shopping discount not applicable during sales.


All rates valid through through June 2018 and subject to change.