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A Personal Guide in Your Matrescence Journey

Are you experiencing the major life transition and feel like you are struggling to maintain your balance and wellbeing? Are you struggling to identify and listen to your innate and authentic self ? Have you tried a whole bunch of wellness trends and found that not much has worked? Do you feel that you have all the tools you need to grow and develop into your highest, clearest, most balanced self in your new role?

As a mother of twins and a wellness entrepreneur, Inner Light founder Kelly has worked with leading wellness experts, energy healers, and motherhood specialists. She is now sharing her insight and guidance with you as you navigate your own self growth and transformation into motherhood.

Her work is primarily specialized in matrescence and motherhood, but utilize practices and methods that are effective to anyone looking to discover their innate truth, connect truly and authentically with themselves, create lasting inner peace, and heal deeply from within as they experience personal transformation or life challenges.

It would be an honor to support you in any way that I can, as we continue on our journeys to deeper joy and a greater alignment with our highest self together
— Kelly Joyce Ingraham, Inner Light Founder

How I Can Help


Motherhood Wellness Coaching


I am here to hold sacred, loving space for you in this most transformative time in your life.

After working with leading lactation experts, birth doulas, sleep specialists, and healers during the birth of my twins, I am here to help you connect with a your inner wisdom as a mother, and establish peace and balance during this highly transformative time. Through shared connection, I will help you explore the many ways that you can access your innate truth, learn to listen and trust your instinct-based knowledge, and discover the calm, clarity, and happiness that comes from creating new life.

I am here to remind you of your own inherent wisdom and the truth that you are the perfect mother, right now, exactly as you are.  

Currently completing certification as an Ayurvedic Post Partum Doula and Lactation Counselor.

$177 for initial 90-min consult. Personalized action plan included.

$144 for follow up appointments & $888 for an 8 pack of sessions

Virtual, in-home, or in studio appointments available.

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Color Coaching


As a trained practitioner of color coaching, I utilize the frequency and energy of color and numerology to facilitate a deep level of self-discovery and powerful healing.

In my own journey, color coaching has been a healing modality that has become essential in maintaining balance, clarity, direction, and calm in my life since becoming pregnant with my twins. As a practice, it is used among healers and specialists to combat anxiety, break down limiting beliefs and conditioning, and catalyze transformational personal growth.

I have been personally trained by my own color coach, a leader in the practice, so I can aid others in their own journeys. I would be honored to hold space for you in this way. 

$177 for initial 90 minute session. Personalized color reading included.

$144 for follow up appointments and custom packages available up on inquiry.

Virtual, in-home, or in studio appointments available.


A Comfortable Vibe

The Studio is a space where we connect through shared experience, comfortably and casually.

We take our shoes off. We get cozy. We get centered. We get balanced. Because here, we connect with ourselves and our path.

This is a safe space to nurture the Self on all of its complex levels and plains. We embrace emotion and encourage you to feel what your body is telling you to feel. We are going to dive deep, but we will also share our light.

This space is about you and your journey. It is about finding your most authentic self and learning to trust in your innate guidance.

This is a space where we celebrate you, in all of your transient forms. But most importantly, this is a place where you will be reminded of how wonderfully illuminated and glowingly brilliant you truly are.

This is Inner Light.

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