The Studio

We are proud to introduce to you The Studio, a new space and service for women and new mothers that is designed to help infuse greater balance, increased intuition, and nurtured self-love to those going through a transitional life stage. Our services are specifically designed for those seeking a deep, authentic connection with themselves and with others - a connection that will bring inner peace, resilience, and self-knowledge as we develop and nurture our true selves.

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Individual Coaching with Kelly

As a mother of twins and wellness entrepreneur, Inner Light’s founder Kelly has worked with leading health and wellness experts on her own journey to achieve balance, strengthen her intuition, and deepen her connection with herself and her path. She is now sharing her insight and providing holistic guidance through one on one coaching sessions.

Now offering a complimentary introductory consult for first time visitors. In person and virtual sessions available.


Motherhood Wellness Events

For the new mother looking for balance and connection, we are partnering with leading specialists and women’s wellness experts to bring you collaborative events focused on the day-to-day challenges of new motherhood. From managing sleep schedules to maintaining sense of self during this major life change, our events are designed to give you the tools and support necessary to create a deep and authentic connection with your self and others.


Guided Meditation Workshops

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