Inner Light Infrared Sauna Darien CT

What to Expect

After checking in at our front desk, you will be guided to one of our three private rooms, each with a full-spectrum infrared sauna. Before or after your sauna session, enjoy complimentary herbal iced teas in our Relaxation Area. We recommend wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and arriving a few minutes before your session.  

Inside the infrared sauna room, you will find plush towels and a waffle robe, filtered alkaline water, and a booklet where you can discover chromotherapy and learn more about infrared. For 25 minute sessions, we recommend spending 15-20 minutes in the sauna and for 55 minute sessions, we recommend spending 40-45 minutes in the sauna. This allows for a few minutes to get changed, drink some water, and cool off afterwards. 

The IR saunas are pre-set to detoxification mode, but using the Android tablet in each sauna, guests can customize their treatment with one of seven wellness programs and utilize apps to listen to calming or energizing music with Spotify or Pandora or meditate with Headspace. You can also choose to plug your phone directly into the speaker system in the sauna to play your favorite music or podcast.

You'll sweat deeply, enjoy a moment of quiet and relaxation, and leave feeling refreshed and energized! Email if you have any other questions or visit our FAQs page