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Our Wellness Manifesto

Wellness is a grand experiment to learn what works best for your body, mind, and spirit in order to grow and evolve into the most whole, authentic version of your Self.  It’s the science and art of self-discovery. It encompasses anything that improves your quality of life – health, exercise, nutrition, relationships, and spirituality. Anything that helps you feel good, feel loved, feel whole, falls under the umbrella of wellness and well-being. Wellness is a conscious part of our life’s journey.

Wellness is not about what you "should" do, eat, exercise, wear, think, or practice. It is not about perfection - it is about doing what is best for you. The current world of "wellness" can be overwhelming. It can seem like non-stop stream of information and practices that you must incorporate into your life for optimal health. It is necessary to filter out what works for us and what doesn’t work for us. It’s about playing with all these amazing tools and modalities to figure out what works best for you. The only thing any of us needs to do is what feels good for our bodies, what energizes us, gives us life and makes us happy.

The intention behind why a wellness practice is essential. Ask yourself - is this coming from a place of love or a place of perfection? Be honest with yourself and treat yourself with loving kindness, with self-compassion and grace. You are enough. You are loved. You are perfect exactly as you are. A key to wellness is to break out of these negative thought patterns, and create new, positive ones in their place.  At the core of it, self-care and wellness is about love. It's about showing ourselves love, and by doing this we learn to show others more love. It's about remembering the very simple truth that we are all the same, and we are all love.