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WYLD Mamas

Ever since my boys were born in December 2017, I felt the calling to help other mamas navigate pregnancy and new motherhood. It's one of the main things that inspired me to start sharing on my Journal, and I feel deeply inspired to help mamas through the WYLD Mamas Workshop series and motherhood coaching.

WYLD Workshops

A monthly workshop series using WYLD Leadership curriculum that I will lead in partnership with experts in the field of wellness, leadership, and psychology. These workshops are customized around the role of the mother. It is inclusive to anyone, any age, who identifies with the role of nurturing and growing others.

WYLD Mamas provides the touchstones, the pause button, and the community as you design the professional and personal life you seek most. It’s time to intentionally remember who you are as a wise woman rather than repeating thought patterns around the hardships of mothering.Our goal is to curate meaningful time and craft a sanctuary-like classroom for “WYLD Mamas” to learn from and teach one another. Each month will be centered on a theme or topic that activates the mind, body, and soul.

The next WYLD Mamas workshop is on Saturday, October 20th at my home in Norwalk, and is centered around the importance of creating boundaries in our lives as women and mothers. Learn more information here.

One-On-One Coaching

Asking for help has been the my key to navigating the difficult transition of new motherhood and staying in a space of love, flow and joy. When I was five weeks post-partum, my lactation consultant had me take the post-partum depression spectrum test. It was just when my twin boys had ramped up their fussiness, beginning an almost two month long struggle with colic. At first, I scored well and Annie was impressed with my zen demeanor. Two weeks later, she had me take the test again and suggested that I reach out to someone to talk to, as I began to teeter down the scale. It was then that I reached back out to an amazing motherhood coach, Alicia, who I had a session with while pregnant. My coaching sessions with her transformed early motherhood for me. Beyond the advice and tools she shared, the experience of having someone to talk to was deeply healing.

This experience has inspired me to do the same for other mamas, so they can have the support and love they need to heal, navigate the difficulties of this transition, and experience this transformation from a place of joy. I am here to hold sacred, loving space for you in this most transformative time in your life. Whether you're pregnant or a new mama, I would be honored to listen to your story, and guide you in any way I can. If interested, reach out to me at