Seasonal Change: The Art of Letting Go

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Not much feels better than a morning stretch, then hopping into a warm, ambient sauna, especially as the seasons change and the weather cools.

As we know, the autumn season represents change, transitions, and a sense of letting go.

Our lives and energy begin to mimic that of the environment around us - the leaves change colors and eventually fall from their branches, the temperature lowers and morning dew appears. Summer vacations come to a close and kids embark on a new school year. The fresh produce at the market changes from greens and light tones to earthy richness, deeply saturated with autumn colors. Our sleep patterns shift as the days shorten, and our skin becomes thirsty for long-lasting hydration.

Change happens all around us and deep within us. For some, it may be profound and obvious, and for others it might be quiet and barely noticeable - but change is happening.

We as humans often resist change, but change is actually the one constant we have. It may take a different shape or form, but it is inevitable and a normal, critical, precious part of life.

I feel that this fall season, in particular, is loaded and charged with all sorts of energies and feelings. It is a powerful time. It is an ending and a beginning. We are not only heading into the end of the year, but also the end of a decade.

A big shift is taking place - and it’s providing us with an opportunity to release. 

With change comes a feeling of nostalgia. We tend to think back on old times, of how things were. It’s normal, it doesn’t mean you’re resisting change, moreso it’s a sign that you feel it happening, you acknowledge the forward movement and need a moment to reflect. It’s during these times we want to feel grounded and comforted, steady in the changing winds.

So, what can you do to help your mind and body transition into the new fall season?


Move your body to release tension and stress. Movement, be it a high intensity workout or a soothing restorative yoga class allows the muscles to stretch, reposition, and strengthen themselves. Physically, it increases heart rate, strengthens your cardiovascular system, and floods extremities with new, oxygenated blood supply. Emotionally, movement allows your mind to quite itself and focus, teaching it to make new connections within itself as you replay your day, or trace your steps through a favorite memory. My most rewarding and effective workout is yoga, as the practice provides a sense of deep rooted grounding that allows you to feel your bare feet on the earth, and to listen to your own breath empowering you. My practice is made of mindful movements that bring into awareness a strong sense of your own power. Ultimately, this time that is dedicated to movement and flow is a gift of self-love that creates a deeply transformative, quite, focused series of moments that are to - and for - yourself.

Meditate, with heat. Learning to quiet your mind, relax, and put yourself at ease is a developed skill that takes focus and practice. When we have a racing mind, our physical bodies often resonate this anxiety with tense, seized, and sore muscles. One of the most powerful and effective ways to remedy the physical and emotional effects of high stress levels and anxiety is through meditation. Focusing on your breath, and feeling your chest move up and down with the rhythms of inhales and exhales, has been proven to slow heart rate, release oxytocin within the brain, and help the body center itself into a calm and peaceful state. By adding the calming and healing element of heat and light into our meditation, our bodies learn to physically relax while our mind starts to settle itself. Saunas, specifically, provide the space and place for the optimal meditative experience, allowing you moments of mindfulness while swathed in healing light and calming warmth.


Reflect and release. Each season carries with it a distinct, transformative energy. Ancient healing and spiritual practices teach us to tap into each of these energies, and allow our minds and bodies to sync with the rhythms of nature in order to achieve not just health and wellness, but heightened awareness, and ultimately, spiritual enlightenment. Autumn encourages us let go of what is not serving us, and make room for renewal. It shows us to take time to slow down, to focus on ourselves, and take inventory of how we are doing and feeling, to identify what it is we really want and to remedy that which is holding us back from it.

In the spirit of fall, I have been reflecting on five key introspective questions as we enter this season of letting go, of release, of transition.

  1. What am I most grateful for at this stage in my life?

  2. What have I been holding onto for the last year - even the last 10 years?

  3. What can I release in order to progress towards ultimate health & happiness? 

  4. How can I actually make this change happen in a way that works for me?

  5. What have I learned and how has it helped me grow?


Actualize change through journaling. As autumn arrives and the leaves fall around you, remind yourself to release that which is not serving you. To let go of the old habits that limit you, and to make room for new change and new energy. A powerful way to actualize the highest level of introspection and innermost change is to practice journaling. Everyday, take a moment to reflect on three to five foundational questions and jot a few lingering thoughts down in a journal. Take your time and see what comes up for you. For me, I have found myself reflecting on the five key questions written above. So I have captured these thoughts and would like to share them with you, in hopes of helping you find your own. As with all things introspective, I will continue to work on, and evolve them, as my body and mind move through the seasonal transition.

  1. What am I most grateful for at this stage in my life?

    I am grateful for my job, for choosing to work and pursue a career that aligns with my passion of health and wellness. I am grateful for my family and loved ones support. I am grateful for once again living in a part of the country that has seasons (!) to which I can move, and morph with.

  2. What have I been holding onto?

    For the last 10 years, I’ve been holding onto the limiting idea that I am not smart enough, not good enough, not qualified enough.  I have recently become of aware of these feelings as I pursue my passions, and bring my dreams to light. These ideas are deeply programmed, and I believe are surfacing as I move forward in my own personal journey and development into my highest self.

  3. What can I release in order to progress towards ultimate health & happiness?

    I can release the limiting beliefs that I am not smart enough, not good enough, no qualified enough! They are just not true. I am smart. I am good enough. In my life experience thus far, I know that I am a fast and eager learner, and that I am capable. And I am driven. I deserve good things in my life, and I will work hard to achieve my dreams.

  4. How can I actually make this change happen in a way that works for me?

    I can keep challenging myself to learn more. I will read more, take notes, and ask questions. I will take the time to look things up, and will focus on becoming more inquisitive and more proactively curious.

  5. What have I learned and how has it helped me grow?

    I have learned to trust myself. To trust that voice within that has always guided me. This voice has shown me a different world in which to live. It has illuminated for me doors of opportunity when I thought there were none. I am committed to strengthening this voice and following it to my truth.

At Inner Light we are with you during this transitional time - let us help you feel grounded, comforted, and fully realized as we step into a new season, with new energy, working together towards our highest, healthiest selves.

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