From the Founder: A Letter of Gratitude

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To the Inner Light community,

I want to start by saying thank you. I am so grateful for you and for this journey. 

It has been two and a half years since the idea for Inner Light came to me one evening in an infrared sauna and a little over two years since we opened our doors in July 2017. In that time I have realized two of my greatest dreams – to be a wellness entrepreneur and to be a mother. It has been the greatest challenge and most incredible lesson to balance wearing these two hats, that of Inner Light’s owner and mama to twin baby boys. I discovered over time that the most authentic and aligned path for both my family and this beautiful business was for me to move on and find a new “light keeper” for this space. 

I am overwhelmed with excitement and joy to announce that the perfect new owner is stepping into this space and I am moving on to focus on my boys and my calling of guiding women through their own unique journeys of self-discovery

Inner Light is meant to expand and grow, and there is no better person to take this business and community to the next level than the new owner, my sister, Nancy Joyce.

Nancy is the person that led me onto my wellness journey, inspiring me to begin eating a vegetarian diet over a decade ago, which led me to my obsession with all things holistic and healing. She has been a cheerleader and supporter of Inner Light since day one – you may recognize her as our original sauna model – and she has a vision for serving this community on a deeper and expanded level, through her new yoga offering.

Thank you for receiving the concept of Inner Light with open and loving arms. Thank you for trusting us to be a safe space for your healing and self-discovery.

Thank you for offering me so much wisdom - learnt from both your personal stories of healing and my own personal journey of bringing this business to life. I am so deeply grateful for each and every one of you and wish you each the healing and wholeness you are seeking.  


All of my love,

Kelly Ingraham

Founder of Inner Light

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