The 'Detox' Dilemma: What It Really Means And Why You Need to Do It

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‘Detox’ is a word that is thrown around often in the wellness world. When we overuse any word, it often loses its potency and the meaning gets muddled. With all of the complex - and often conflicting - information about ‘detox’ out there, it can be difficult to distill what it really is and how it applies to you and your health.

Here we debunk ‘detox’, examine why is it important, and explain what you can do to help support it.

Detoxification is an automatic and involuntary normal process of the body. As your heart beats, your body detoxes, with the gut, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin all filtering toxins that you encounter in daily life to keep you healthy and all systems functioning properly.

What are toxins?

We encounter toxins all day in our environment, especially in the modern, plastic-laden lifestyle that we all live. Some examples are:

  • polluted water

  • molds

  • plastics (BPAs, PCBs)

  • alcohol

  • medications

  • artificial food dyes and preservatives

  • air pollution and second-hand smoke

  • herbicides, like glysophate (Round-Up)

  • pesticides

  • cleaning chemicals

The list goes on. Even if you're eating all organic, using no single-use plastics, and all the things, you simply cannot escape the toxicity of our contemporary world.

Everything is connected on our planet and although it is essential to do what we can to lessen our toxic load by eating clean and using clean products on our homes and bodies, it is essential to accept that we will encounter toxins and thus also need to turn our efforts to detoxify within.

“We have two homes. Earth and the body. Take care of them" - Author Unknown

“We have two homes. Earth and the body. Take care of them" - Author Unknown

Our bodies naturally detoxify constantly, but we need help given the current status on Planet Earth. Unfortunately, we have not evolved fast enough to process this massive amount of toxicity, and our bodily systems need help in keeping clean and functioning optimally.

How do you know you need support in the detox process?

If you have any of these symptoms, you likely need help with detoxification:

  • fatigue and lethargy

  • skin issues (rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc)

  • gut and digestive problems (IBS, SIBO, etc)

  • allergies

  • chronic illnesses

  • trouble sleeping (either falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking refreshed)

  • brain fog

  • joint pain

  • food sensitivities

  • stress and anxiety

  • hormone issues (acne, irregular cycles, intermittent hot flashes, etc)

What are the steps that we can take to support the body’s detoxification?

Today, we have a variety of ancient and modern modalities that are proven to purify our livers, heal our guts, enhance our digestion, and support our skin and lungs, all designed to keep us healthy and happy, from the inside out. Here are the three critical steps to take to support your own natural detoxification process.

Seek out a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor and get tested.

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Simple blood tests, and sometimes saliva and hair tests, can help pinpoint what type of toxins are in your system and a qualified doctor can create a tailored plan to get you feeling better as efficiently and effectively as possible. Bioindividuality is key, as each person's experiences and body chemistry is incredibly unique, and finding out exactly what's going on with you is the best route for treatment. Allopathic or western medicine isn't quite up on all the best testing and how to read them, so stick to functional or integrative doctors (MDs) or naturopathic doctors (separate school tailored to functional medicine) when working to support the body’s detox.

Clean up your act.

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Wherever possible, clean up your diet and home. This includes eating more veggie and fruits, choosing all organic and non-GMO products, avoiding gluten and factory-farmed dairy, and focusing on the best quality local, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, humanely-raised meats, cheeses and eggs. Look at every product you use from your countertop spray to your cling-wrap to your body wash, and begin to slowly replace them with non-toxic products, room-by-room and one-by-one. There are so many clean, non-toxic options out there now and most are available at any grocery store.

Live a detox lifestyle.

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With an increased focus on wellness, we now have access to many ancient techniques that have been used for thousands of years for healing as well as modern technologies that are used to support optimal health and aid detox pathways in our bodies. Be both a scientist and an artist, playing with what you enjoy doing and observe how it affects how you feel and any health issues you're struggling with. They key is to make detox a daily practice, and incorporate one or all of each modality on a consistent basis, happily and healthily.

Some of our favorite modalities that support the body’s detoxification are:

  • exercise (any and all helps detox!)

    • increases blood circulation and improves cardiovascular health. Restorative or HIIT, listen to your body and do whatever feels good

  • acupuncture

    • accesses key energy pathways (‘meridians’) in the body to remove blockages that cause health issues. Used to treat a wide variety of emotional and physical concerns such as anxiety/ depression to sleep disorders to arthritis and injury

  • skin-brushing

    • stimulates the lymphatic system, helping it to clear the body from toxic build up more efficiently

  • regular massages or abhyanga (Ayurvedic self-massage)

    • moves fascia and muscle fibers to enable the release of trapped toxins

  • colonics/enemas

    • clears out the colonic debris and waste that the body has left behind, affecting gut health and immune health

  • infrared therapy

    • infrared warms the body from the inside out, producing a deep sweat that has been scientifically proven to draw out heavy metals, cholesterol, and environmental toxins from the body through the skin. Further, it boosts the functionality of our body's rest and digest system (parasympathetic nervous system) which is a major detox pathway. It doesn't hurt that it simply makes you feel good, and can help detox those negative thought patterns too. 

All of these wellness practices and modalities are designed specifically to enable your body’s ability to heal itself, which is something that today’s modern world actively works against.

The concept of detoxification is simply the support, and at times, amplification, of the body’s own natural ability to cleanse, heal, and nurture itself.


A body that is able to quickly and efficiently rid itself of disease, toxins, and unhealthy bacteria creates a healthier, clearer, more balanced, you.

Achieving true, authentic, holistic wellness and balance in our bodies as well as in our minds requires our help, lovingly and consistently.

Helping our bodies clear the bad and welcome the good is a practice and an art form, one to be enjoyed and sustained as we grow into our highest, most healthy, selves.

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