The Sleep Secret: How to Get Your Best Sleep

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When was the last time you woke up feeling energized, motivated - even calm and at peace - and ready for the day? In these modern times, the vast majority of us have struggled with our sleep at some point in our lives, whether it's been getting enough sleep overall or reaching high quality sleep cycles on a consistent basis. We all know that a good night’s sleep carries with it countless physical and mental health benefits and is vital to our overall wellbeing, but how often do we choose to watch that last Netflix episode, try to answer one more email on our phone before turning out the light, and then toss and turn as we list out and plan for the looming stresses of the next day? A lot of our cultural habits in this modern world go against our innate common sense that we need good, restorative sleep, but yet our society applauds the people who sleep the least in favor of being ultra productive. However, science has caught up with us and sleep has been proven to be essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. Statistically, those living on less than 6 hours of sleep a night for two weeks straight is the same level of impairment as having a 0.1 blood alcohol level. As a relatively new mother of twins, I can tell you from personal experience that is not an exaggeration. 

Biologically, sleep is the most critical part of our physical and emotional healing. A good, full night of high quality sleep is crucial for the body’s detoxification process, for balancing hormones and soothing the endocrine system, as well as improving mood and minimizing anxiety.

Despite our adoration for sleeping and our knowing of how important it is to our overall health and healing, it may not always come easily. Pulling from my own personal struggle with sleep, here are a few of my best kept sleep secrets to to get a good, high quality sleep, consistently.

Know your number.

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Figure out what your ideal number of hours of sleep are. Everyone is different, some people thrive on 7 and are groggy on more than that. Some people need 9 uninterrupted hours. Recognize that sleep amounts needed vary person to person, as well as situation to situation. Life transitions, seasonal change, situational stress, and even food consumption the night before, all impact your sleep and how much you will need. Once you learn your numbers, you can plan ahead and adjust your sleep behavior accordingly.

Get prepared.

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Gather all you need on your nightstand. This could mean putting a glass of water, headphones, an eye mask, an eye pillow, phone charger, a pair of glasses, one of the books you are reading at any given time, and ear plugs all next to your bed. Having what you need at an arms length seems obvious but I find whenever any of these items gets misplaced it can affect my nighttime routine.

Ritualize it.

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Develop a bedtime ritual. This is a widely used practice that is proven to kickstart the production of sleep hormones, and get you in a calm and bed-ready mental state. For me, my ritual includes:


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There are many available minerals and herbs that can help with sleep, and the key is to trial and see what works best for you. In my experience, I have found that changing up my supplementation packs the most punch, but my mainstays are:

Set the mood.

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Keep it dark and cool in your room. Although we may not always realize it, our bodies are extremely sensitive to light and sound, and any slight disturbance can impact the depth and quality of our sleep on a biological level. To sleep soundly throughout the night, I sleep with an eye mask and ear plugs every night. I usually have a fan going in my room which circulates cool air as well as provides a little white noise to create the ideal sleep atmosphere.

Sweat for sleep.

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One of the most common, early, and dramatic benefits of infrared sauna therapy is the improvement to sleep. After just the first session, most (if not all) of our infrared clients experience improved sleep, deeper REM cycles (as shown on their sleep apps), and longer periods of restorative high quality sleep patterns. In my own personal experience, the impact that infrared saunas had on my sleep was one of the reasons that I fell in love with this healing therapy. To this day, I always sleep better the night after a good infrared sweat. And the science backs this benefit. Infrared light is clinically proven to boost our rest and digest system (called the parasympathetic nervous system), which enables our bodies to move more easily and fluidly into a good, restorative sleep state.  

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