Spring Cleaning: A New Perspective


Around this time of year, we have a natural inclination to move from the restful state of winter into reset mode.

Spring is a season of renewal, and with it is an opportunity to detox whatever is not serving you, physically and emotionally.

This can manifest in many ways, but detoxing essentially means to clear out the toxins in our bodies and lives for healing and expansion. 

Here is our take on how to cleanse, renew, and reinvigorate your mind, body, and spirit this spring.


The Body 


Our bodies are built to constantly detoxify – the liver, kidneys, adrenals and lymphatic system are our main pathways of clearing out toxins. However, our modern world is more polluted with foreign and harmful substances than ever before. To compound this issue is the element of stress. The hormone our bodies emit when we are stressed out – called cortisol – inhibits our elimination pathways and makes us hold out to toxin substances. 

Boost your body’s innate ability to detoxify as we move through the spring season.

Eat for your liver. A simple way to aid your body is to add in healthy fruits and vegetables that help our bodies detoxify, specifically ones that support our liver. 

Move. In the winter, our exercise often stagnates and this can bring our natural internal cleaning processes to a standstill. Create more time for movement in whatever way that is easiest and most joyful for you. 

Get outside. The natural environment has been proven by both ancient and modern science to be deeply healing and detoxifying. Get some sun (sans sunscreen) for vitamin D absorption and all the brain benefits of serotonin and oxytocin. Being in nature, specifically forests, reduces stress and boosts the immune system. 

Infrared. The power of light is undeniable, scientifically and spiritually. Infrared helps your body detoxify on a cellular level. When compared to the sweat from working out or a regular sauna, infrared saunas produced sweat with higher levels of heavy metals and cholesterol, among other toxins. Further, it boosts your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, lowering cortisol and reactivating your natural ability to clean, renew, and regenerate from within.


The Mind & Spirit 

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Detoxification of the body is most effective when a holistic approach is taken, thus incorporating the mind and spirit as well. When our biological system is functioning at its physical best, we are able to look inwards at our mental and spiritual self and identify the challenges, stresses, and burdens which must be let go. Once we accept, appreciate, and move on from our own internal barriers, our mind becomes clear, and our spirit becomes centered. We are able to accept new light into our lives and our paths show themselves to us.

Simple and effective ways to renew and refresh mind and spirit this spring.

Clean it out. Everything you learned about watching Marie Kondo on Netflix is no joke! Clearing physical space in your home (or office/work space, car, anywhere) has a direct impact on the health of your  mind and spirit. Take some time to do the manual labor to clean out what you don’t need or use anymore and you will find that it has a tangible impact on your mind and wellbeing. 

Meditate. Try to implement a meditation practice into your routine. Use an app like Calm or Headspace (each are on our Saunas at Inner Light). Aim for ten minutes a day and don’t worry if your sessions are often filled with thoughts. It’s a practice that takes time, but consistency is key. 

Set intentions. Once you clean things out, it’s time to set a clear intention for what you do want to bring into your life. Spend some time journaling about what you want to call into your life. Putting pen to paper helps project this out into the universe and bring these dreams into your reality. 

Do the (inner) work. Find a coach or therapist that can work with you to create a plan that’s customized to your unique challenges and aspirations. Our founder Kelly works specifically with new mothers in their transformation into motherhood, but guides on methods and strategies that are applicable to anyone looking to identify, heal, nurture, and empower their authentic, highest Self.

We are now offering an exclusive promotion this season to celebrate a truly holistic approach to spring cleaning - mind, body, and spirit. Book your session to achieve true, authentic healing and a new level of energetic renewal this spring. We look forward to seeing you, and sharing our light!

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