Aligned & Connected: How to Heal from Within

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Expanding Inner Light in the last few weeks has been a deeply healing event and process for me. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that they have seen a shift in me in the last few weeks and now physically, especially when I am at Inner Light.

It has been a revelation for me to burst out of the spiritual closet, as I call it, and step into a deeper alignment with my highest Self.

What has made stepping out into the light, opening this space, so easy is that it is not about me. There’s no ego here - in The Saunas, or at The Studio and you can feel that the second you walk through our doors.

You see, I am not a therapist, not a doctor, not a teacher. And this is not a space where I will try to tell you how to solve your problems and send you a To Do list to check off one by one. Inner Light, and this space that we’ve built, is about something else, something deeper, something much more than just one person.

I am a holder of space for you. This space is sacred. It is powerful. And the message I am here to share is that I am simply a mirror for you as you step into your own brightest light.

I am here to support you, to love you, to listen to you. It’s very simple, and it all comes down to love.

I started this journey of alignment a long time ago.

And getting to this place has taken a great deal of focused effort and determination to heal myself. In many ways it is an un-remembering, as much of the work is around deconditioning the limiting beliefs that society, our families, and our peers have held us back from being our most authentic selves. It is spiritual, but also scientific, based on biological effects, neuroscience, and positive psychology.

Effective, authentic healing is an inner process that takes attention, diligence, and patience. It requires a true connection with yourself. It demands you listen to what your body is telling you, that you trust in that little voice that comes from somewhere deep and pure, and that you create a space to nurture this dialogue, this connection.

Because this is the highest good that is in all of us.

Looking back on my own personal healing journey, I am sharing the key elements that have led me to connect with my authentic self, to learn how to heal from within, and to find my own aligned path that is connected with an ever-developing higher Self. Healing is never finished, and I continue to be very much in pursuit of a deeper consciousness and higher love. I can’t wait to share in the journey with you.


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I began going to therapy in college. It took a break-up to force me to make the leap and call a local therapist, I think I literally googled therapy and called the first woman who I intuitively connected with. I remember crying every session for months. Of course, it wasn’t about the break-up. It never is. This was the beginning of my healing journey in many ways, and I saw a cognitive behavioral therapist for a few years in New York City after I graduated.

I made leaps and bounds in my self-understanding and began to break down the negative self-talk that kept my esteem low and my anxiety high.

I learned how to constructively talk about my feelings and process my emotions, and then communicate them with others. I began to build boundaries and break up with friends and habits that did not serve and support me. 

Therapy enabled me to self-cleanse, lift away the burdens that had built up over the years, and it helped me make the first step to giving myself a chance to access buried, unrecognized traumas and emotions and heal them. This was my very first gift to myself in my healing journey, and was the first step in creating a safe, healing space just for me.



During a breakdown about my career path in my early twenties, my father gave me a book called “The Energy Bus.” Since then, I can probably count the number of books I’ve read that don’t fall into the “self-help” category on two hands.

I have experienced life-changing revelations, and most recently a full on spiritual awakening, all from reading and opening myself up to the voices of experts, coaches, healers, and seers.

I have worked on getting in touch with, and healing my wounded inner child. I have learned about neuroscience, quantum physics, and rewired my brain for happiness while breaking down limiting beliefs.

I have come to understand the universal truth that we are all connected in a literal sense, and love is truly all there is.

I will always be reading and expanding in my work, surrounded with the words, lessons, and tools of spiritual, mind-opening, healing books. These books are a critical component in our work together at The Studio, and I will help you navigate all of the elevating, enlightening reads that will shift your perspective on your own self-healing.


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A big step in my own healing was working with a Manifestation Guide named Lacy Philips. In 2016, I started working with Lacy in one-on-one sessions every few months.

She and I would talk through issues I was working on and she helped me identify limiting beliefs and break them down.

But ultimately, she taught me the power that is inside all of us, to recognize that we are the creators of everything in and around our lives. That being connected means sourcing this power from inside, listening and learning from your most authentic self, and expanding into possibilities that you had only dreamed of, because that is where your true purpose and path is.

Lacy recommended many of the healing books I have read, led me to practice certain meditations and open myself to new practices and activities, and she supported me as I stepped more fully into my most authentic Self. She no longer works one-on-one with clients, but has distilled her knowledge and experience into a series of online courses now called To Be Magnetic.  You can read about my journey with her method on her blog, here

Color Therapy.

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When your best friend who has a Masters in Positive Psychology, a decade in executive coaching experience, and has studied many spiritual healing modalities recommends that you start seeing her coach, the answer is always yes. Kristin of WYLD Leadership connected me to Kath, her coach who used color as a modality for healing, almost two years ago. Shortly after beginning to work with Kath, I found out I was pregnant with twins, and the anxiety that I had under control before then spun widely and fiercely back out of my reach.

Of all the healing modalities I have worked with, color has been the most transformational for me. It has taught me to judge nothing, observe everything, to radically forgive, that love is all there is, and we can truly live heaven on earth.

I truly feel that way, that I am able to live in a higher vibration, from a place of joy, and that color was what has led me here.  I am proud to be a practitioner of color therapy, and look forward to sharing this powerful healing modality with you in The Studio at Inner Light.

Post-Partum Support.

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One of the many gifts of having twins is that I had to ask for help. Going it alone, toughing it out, being super-mom wasn’t an option for me, with owning a new business and two babies on the way, so I worked throughout my pregnancy to create a support system.

My husband and our families were an integral part of this, as was working with a post-partum doula, a lactation counselor, and a motherhood coach.

Post-Partum Doula: It is impossible for me to explain in words how impactful Kristin, our doula, has been on my life. Those first few months were incredibly challenging, so much so that she worked with us till the boys were eight months old and now I am pursing my post-partum doula certification. Because of the profound impact my doula had on my perspective, balance, and approach to mothering, I intend to provide expecting and new mothers this life-changing emotional support through my work at The Studio.

Lactation Counselor: I worked with a lactation consultant after the twins were born. I deeply believe that fed is best, and the boys thrived on formula for the first week during their short stay in the NICU, but I always wanted try too breastfeed if I could. I was so sick, we weren’t sure if my milk would come in, and when it did the boys would not latch. About five weeks into pumping, I had two sessions with a lactation consultant, and two tongue and lip tie corrections, I began breastfeeding my boys (and continue to). It has been a journey, one that I will share in full, and I intend to share all the knowledge I have gathered through my struggles and triumphs with nursing as part of my work at The Studio. In fact in March I will complete my certificate as a lactation counselor.

Motherhood Coach: After beginning to slide down the scale on the PPD diagnostic test, and feeling an overwhelming sense of a motherhood “title wave'“ fast approaching with the birth of the twins, I started working with a motherhood coach. My sessions with her gave me the listening ear, support, insight, and a series of powerful mantras. But most of all, it was knowing that I wasn’t alone in this, that I had everything I needed in and around me, that I would not only survive this enormous transition into motherhood, but I would thrive in this new phase of my life.

My healing journey, my path to alignment, and my connection with my highest Self will always be a work in process and a labor of love.

Infrared Light Therapy

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The idea for Inner Light Wellness came to me as I was sitting in an infrared sauna. I was lost in my career, having gone through multiple changes in direction very quickly in a short amount of time, and suddenly, as I was hot and sweating, clarity came. Fast and unannounced. I had clarity on what I was supposed to do. I could see it all before me - the look of the floorboards, the feel of the wooden sauna walls, the green glow of the water glasses, and the white light that would stream through the windows.

As I sat in that little heated box, I literally started mapping out the business plan in my head, and with each swipe of my mind, a fire down deep inside of me stirred and strengthened.

I wanted to share the healing benefits, the knowledge, and the practice with my community. But most of all, I wanted to share with them in this space.

Because we should all have access to this sacred ground within ourselves.

And I knew this my path. The heat had guided me there.

This level of clarity, this ‘breakthrough’, isn’t surprising, considering all the studied and proven physical benefits of infrared light therapy. IR therapy improves cardiovascular health by making good, fresh, oxygenated blood flow through you, it relieves stress and helps manage depression by releasing the endorphins that drive creativity, calm, and happiness. It heals and activates your physical body at the cellular level, making your emotional body remember all the power that is has stored within. The list goes on.

But my biggest influence in knowing this was my path and my new venture into wellness was how different the person was who walks out of that little heated wooden box from the one they were before they went in.

And alongside all of those clinical benefits, it was the space that was transformational. It was giving myself permission to be alone, to get centered, to do something good and nice for myself and my body. It was a safe space to sit with yourself, to learn and to listen. That’s where that glow comes from - it is drummed up from deep within.

I’ve covered a lot here. And I hope this gives you insight into your own journey of self-discovery, and I hope it helps you find a clearer path to your most aligned and connected self.

As result of this multifaceted, interconnected approach to my own healing, I learned that it is not just one modality that can heal all, but in working with them in concert, I was shown the path to a more aligned, a better connected Self.

I am truly proud of what I have become, and of what I have built in Inner Light. My experiences in this transition into motherhood of three (two humans and a business), changed how I look at and love myself, my growing family, my divine purpose.

Driven by gratitude for this experience, I provide you with the space and place for healing, for love, and for light in your own journey of self-discovery. I am proud to serve you at Inner Light, and to celebrate us, in all of our transient forms.

A shaman once told me that my purpose in this life is growth… Let’s share in this purpose together.