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How can we help?

If you are preparing for your first session or if you are a frequent visitor, we’ve collected our most frequently asked questions here for you. From what to expect from your first visit to all the ways that infrared therapy helps heal chronic illnesses, we hope these help you feel comfortable, peaceful, and at ease before, during and after your visit.

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What to Expect

After checking in at our front desk, you will be guided to one of our three private rooms, each with a full-spectrum infrared sauna. Before or after your sauna session, enjoy complimentary herbal iced teas in our Relaxation Area. We recommend wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and arriving a few minutes before your session.  

Inside the infrared sauna room, you will find plush towels and a waffle robe, filtered alkaline water, and a booklet where you can discover chromotherapy and learn more about infrared. For 25 minute sessions, we recommend spending 15-20 minutes in the sauna and for 55 minute sessions, we recommend spending 40-45 minutes in the sauna. This allows for a few minutes to get changed, drink some water, and cool off afterwards. 

The IR saunas are pre-set to detoxification mode, but using the Android tablet in each sauna, guests can customize their treatment with one of seven wellness programs and utilize apps to listen to calming or energizing music with Spotify or Pandora or meditate with Headspace. You can also choose to plug your phone directly into the speaker system in the sauna to play your favorite music or podcast.

You'll sweat deeply, enjoy a moment of quiet and relaxation, and leave feeling refreshed and energized! 


Sauna Usage & Etiquette

What should I wear in the infrared sauna?

We suggest wearing loose clothes to your sauna session, or at least bringing a change of them to wear afterwards.  Towels are provided - one to sit on and one to wear. Some guests choose to wear a towel, a bathing suit, or their undergarments in the sauna.  We also provide a waffle robe, which you can wear in the sauna if that works for your body.  Hampers are provided in each room for used towels and robes when you are done with your session.  Also, we recommend you do not apply lotion or oil to you body before your sauna session.

What can I bring into an IR sauna?

We encourage you to bring water or drink the water provided - hydration is essential!  Please don't bring shoes or food into the saunas. You are welcome to bring your phone into the sauna, or use the Android tablet provided.  You can also plug your cell phone into the system to play your own music or podcast over the speakers.

How much should I expect to sweat?

How much you sweat will depend on your individual body and the sweat you produce from infrared is usually oilier and less watery than other sweating experiences.  This is due to the high concentration of toxins in the sweat you are expelling.  Be aware that you may not sweat much in your first few sessions and that it is essential to stay hydrated.  Drink water before and after your session.

How often should I come and how long till I see the results?

To fully experience the infrared sauna benefits, we recommend coming for sessions at least two times a week. Immediately after a sauna session you will feel refreshed and see a glow in your skin, similar to after a great workout.  It will take a handful of sessions before the body acclimates and begins to deeply detox and see all the benefits related to infrared light therapy.

Is there an age limit and can children use the sauna?

We allow sauna use by anyone 16 years of age and older.  Unsupervised children are not allowed, but you can bring children over the age of 6 with you for your sauna session.  We recommend no longer than 15 minutes in the sauna for children, as they do not have the ability to regulate temperature the same way that adults can.

Can I use the IR sauna if I'm pregnant or nursing?

National Institutes of Health recommends that pregnant women limit sauna use for the duration of their pregnancy. Increasing body temperature above 100 degrees can increase risk of complications and birth defects.  Far-infrared rays have been shown to be a safe and effective way to increase lactation in breastfeeding mothers.  New moms can also benefit from many of the benefits of infrared sauna therapy, including detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals, decrease in anxiety and depression and strengthening of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Can two people share an infrared sauna during a session?

Each sauna is a two-person sized sauna, in order to give our guests a comfortable experience.  However, our policy is one person per sauna per session. For why this is our policy, please read this article:

What is your cancellation policy?

We use MindBody for booking and all infrared sauna sessions purchased are nonrefundable. If you wish to cancel your session, we require that you call or cancel online 24 hours before your booked appointment. Sessions cancelled before the deadline will be credited to the account and those after the deadline or no-shows will be billed for the full session. If you are running late, we ask that you call the front desk to let us know. If you don't call the front desk and are more than 10 minutes late for a 25 minute session or more than 15 minutes late for a 55 minute session, the session will be forfeited.

Information About Infrared Saunas

What is the difference between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna?

Infrared heats the body with light, creating an atmosphere of 120-140 degrees F and raising your core temperature 2-3 degrees.  Traditional saunas heat the air temperature to 180 degrees or above, creating a less sustainable, less comfortable environment to sit in.  Studies testing and comparing the sweat expelled in infrared and traditional saunas have shown that infrared is seven times more effective at expelling toxins, with a total of 20% of all sweat being heavy metals and environmental toxins.

How does infrared therapy benefit people with heart conditions, high blood pressure, and cardiac disease?

In Japan, far infrared therapy has been used for decades to treat heart disease, called Waon therapy, where patients use a far-infrared sauna for 15 minutes a day for two weeks.  Waon therapy has been proven to reduce subsequent cardiac events and deaths in patients.  Extensive studies, including on Waon therapy, have concluded that infrared therapy reduces blood pressure, lowers levels of prostaglandin (inflammatory hormones), and improved how well arteries held against stress.

How does infrared therapy help people with chronic pain and arthritis?

In studies on people suffering with chronic pain, adding infrared therapy to a combination of exercise, cognitive behavioral therapy and rehab was better at reducing pain than exercise, CBT and rehab alone. In a study of rheumatoid arthritis, infrared therapy reduced stiffness, pain and symptoms overall.  In yet another study, four weeks of infrared therapy was shown to improve depression, mood, fatigue and performance.

How does infrared therapy benefit people with other chronic illnesses?

We recommend talking to your doctor about your condition and needs. You can also check out the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health for more literature on infrared therapy.

Where are your saunas from?

Our Sunlighten full-spectrum infrared saunas feature patented, medical-grade Solocarbon heaters, which are the only infrared heater on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss.  These saunas have the highest effectiveness of any sauna on market, are extremely low EMF, made with safe and non-toxic FDA approved materials, and produced with 100% quality-controlled manufacturing - the only sauna company directly involved in every element of the production process.  Further, our saunas are made of PEFC-certified and FSC-certified basswood, the only wood not listed on the toxic wood chart with no adverse reactions ever having been reported, and which adhere to the highest electricity safety standards.

Do the saunas emit concerning levels of EMFs?

EMF (electric and magnetic fields) are waves of electric and magnetic energy radiating through space.  All electrical appliances including computers, wireless internet, cell phones and power lines, emit EMFs. At this time, scientists are continuing to test and evaluate the effect of EMFs on our bodies, and many people are seeking to reduce their exposure to EMF.  Our saunas have been specifically designed to emit very low to undetectable levels of EMFs, due to the exclusive manufacturing process used by our sauna provider, and have been third-party tested to verify these industry-low levels of EMF’s.

How long are the sauna sessions?

Your session represents the duration of time that you have booked the sauna room for, and we recommend using the sauna for 15-20 minutes in the 25 minute Express Session and 40-45 minutes for the 55 minute Standard Session. If you run over your allotted session time you will be subject to an additional cost of $2.50 per minute.

I have a question that isn't answered here, how do I contact you?

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns.  Give us a call at 203-569-0885 or drop us a line at