A Deep Dive into Color & Light

Color and light have been used for thousands of years for their healing capabilities.

Like every thing on this planet, each color pattern and light source has a specific energy and emits a unique frequency, or vibration.

Each color and wavelength is connected to its own set of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments, lessons, and gifts.

We share with you below the unique healing benefits and attributes of color and light frequencies.

Infrared light enables the body to heal at a cellular level. This is due to three different light waves heating the body from the inside out. In addition to the infrared waves, chromotherapy is applied to continue the healing at the emotional and spiritual level.

All of our Sunlighten Full-Spectrum Infrared Saunas offer colored lights within the sauna that can be adjusted in addition to the infrared light (which is invisible to the naked eye). Each infrared light wave and color pattern carries with it unique benefits for healing the body and mind.

During your sauna session, you can tap into the healing energies of color and heat.


Infrared Light


The Benefits of Light Frequencies


Far-Infrared Light Benefits

  • Far infrared light is an invisible frequency on the spectrum of light that our bodies perceive as a gentle radiant heat that penetrates up to 1.5" below the skin's surface and raises body temperature by nearly 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Far infrared light can affect the formation of molecular bonds and improves health at a cellular level.

  • The increase in core body temperature produces a deep, detoxifying sweat, lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure and dramatically increases circulation throughout the body.

  • Numerous studies have proven that far infrared therapy improves cardiac and vascular function, reduces oxidative stress, and is overall beneficial to heart health.

  • Other benefits of infrared therapy includes decreasing cortisol (stress hormone), reducing fatigue and pain, boosting mood and endorphins, and treating diabetes and chronic illnesses.


Near-Infrared Light Benefits

  • Near infrared light falls on the spectrum just beyond what is visible to the eye and is the shortest infrared wavelength.

  • It has been used in cosmetic and wound healing devices for years - if you get a facial and they use light therapy, it is very similar.

  • Scientists believe that light at this wavelength can quadruple cell health and boost tissue growth.

  • Other benefits of near-infrared light include: boosted immune system, cell regeneration, collagen production, injury recovery, and pain relief.


Mid-Infrared Light Benefits

  • Our Sunlighten saunas emit all three types of infrared light, including mid-infrared. They use a technology called Kapton polyimide, used in space applications, to tolerate the high heat required to produce mid-infrared wavelengths.

  • Mid-infrared wavelengths penetrate the body's soft tissue where inflammation occurs and expands blood vessels to increase circulation.

  • It also increases core body temperature and stimulates the cardiovascular system, simulating the cardiac output and metabolic rate increase of a vigorous walk or light jog.

  • Benefits include reducing pain, increased healing speed and boosted circulation and heart health.

Color Therapy

Color therapy is also used in the balancing and healing of our energy systems. A method used for thousands of years, color therapy helps us identify and access personal blockages and traumas, and connects us with our innate truths.

Owner and founder Kelly Ingraham is a trained practitioner of Colour Mirrors therapy and works in private sessions in The Studio.


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RED - Red is associated with the root chakra, the first chakra you can find located at the base of the spine. It has a grounding energy and relates to issues with money, security, tribe, birth, home, survival, and power. 

PINK- Pink is associated with self-love and unconditional love. It relates to the feminine, the inner child, and beauty. In the negative, pink is perfectionism, victimhood and people pleasing. 

ORANGE- Creative and enthusiastic, orange is associated with the second chakra located in the pelvis. The sacral chakra is associated with emotions, sexuality, creativity and the digestive organs. It can link to addiction and trauma. 

YELLOW- Yellow is associated with the third chakra located in the solar plexus – above the navel and under the heart. It is the color of the mind and will. It relates to both joy and anxiety. 

GREEN- Green relates to the fourth chakra, the heart, and represents love, nature, and boundaries. It is associated with empathy, balance, transitions, and the systems of the heart and lungs. 

BLUE- Blue is associated with the throat chakra, which symbolized self-expression of truths and communication. It has a relaxed, cool and calming demeanor. It relates to the thyroid. 

INDIGO- Indigo represents the sixth chakra, located in the third eye, which is associated with intuition and inner wisdom. It has a creative energy, is linked to the moon and spirituality. 

VIOLET- Violet is the crown, or seventh chakra, located at the top of the head. It is the color of spiritual energy, linking heaven and earth, but can also relate to depression.