Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

The use of heat therapies to detoxify the body is an ancient healing technique.  An invisible band in the spectrum of light, infrared sauna therapy has a unique ability to heat the body at lower temperatures than traditional saunas. The radiant light penetrates deeply and creates healing on a molecular level.  

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Why Infrared

Research has shown infrared to provide healthy benefits, such as detoxification of heavy metals, enhanced metabolic function, increased collagen production, improved circulation and decreased fatigue.

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How It Works

When using our Infrared Saunas, your body perspires and receives all of the healthy benefits while avoiding the harmful and hot air of a traditional steam sauna. By penetrating into your skin deeply, infrared rays dissolve harmful substances your body has accumulated.

Scientific studies have shown the benefits of infrared saunas, like successfully treating many conditions, including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, fatigue and pain, digestion issues, and depression. Infrared therapy is used by holistic and functional medicine doctors to treat serious chronic illnesses including chronic heart conditions, Lyme disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia and Alzheimers, Crohn's Disease and fibromyalgia. 

Inner Light Wellness features top-of-the-line full-spectrum infrared saunas built with carbon heaters and hypoallergenic basswood that are medical-grade and proven the most effective in the marketplace. Each IR sauna has all three types of infrared light - near, mid and far rays - as well as chromotherapy lights, which use colors to change the frequencies of the body to enhance healing.   

Types of Infrared Light Benefits

Far-Infrared Light Benefits

  • Far infrared light is an invisible frequency on the spectrum of light that our bodies perceive as a gentle radiant heat that penetrates up to 1.5" below the skin's surface and raises body temperature by nearly 3 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Far infrared light can affect the formation of molecular bonds and improves health at a cellular level.
  • The increase in core body temperature produces a deep, detoxifying sweat, lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure and dramatically increases circulation throughout the body.
  • Numerous studies have proven that far infrared therapy improves cardiac and vascular function, reduces oxidative stress, and is overall beneficial to heart health. 
  • Other benefits of infrared therapy includes decreasing cortisol (stress hormone), reducing fatigue and pain, boosting mood and endorphins, and treating diabetes and chronic illnesses. 

Near-Infrared Light Benefits

  • Near infrared light falls on the spectrum just beyond what is visible to the eye and is the shortest infrared wavelength.
  • It has been used in cosmetic and wound healing devices for years - if you get a facial and they use light therapy, it is very similar.
  • Scientists believe that light at this wavelength can quadruple cell health and boost tissue growth.
  • Other benefits of near-infrared light include: boosted immune system, cell regeneration, collagen production, injury recovery, and pain relief. 

Mid-Infrared Light Benefits

  • Our Sunlighten saunas emit all three types of infrared light, including mid-infrared. They use a technology called Kapton polyimide, used in space applications, to tolerate the high heat required to produce mid-infrared wavelengths.
  • Mid-infrared wavelengths penetrate the body's soft tissue where inflammation occurs and expands blood vessels to increase circulation.
  • It also increases core body temperature and stimulates the cardiovascular system, simulating the cardiac output and metabolic rate increase of a vigorous walk or light jog. 
  • Benefits include reducing pain, increased healing speed and boosted circulation and heart health. 

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